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ECO Friendly Frames: Made in the USA
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ECO Friendly Frames: Made in the USA

Choose one of our new GREEN core based frames and join us in our pledge to protect and preserve our environment now and for future generations.

These high quality ECO friendly frame styles are engineered to exhibit properties superior to traditional solid wood. They are a MDF engineered wood base with a wrapped very smooth, fine textured surface. Made in the USA and conceived as an affordable, renewable wood source with high durability, superior value and unmatched consistency in finish. They meet the new CARB compliance standards. These frame styles cut, join and readily accept nails and hangers like our solid wood based frames and provide a lasting accent to your photos, prints or original artwork. You will be pleased with the smooth cuts and tight flush corners. The beautifully designed finishes are more durable than our solid wood based frames and are consistent whether you order today or 5 years from now. We are proud to offer this product that will keep hundreds of thousands of mature trees standing and respect the earth's natural resources. We invite you to join us as we do our part in preserving our environment.

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