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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is there a minimum order?
    No, but the minimum charge for a frame is $6.00.  The smallest frame we make is 4 inch x 4 inch with no additional charge. For frames under 4" there is a 25% surcharge per frame.
  2. Are the frames shipped assembled?
    Our custom picture frames are shipped assembled up to 98 total inches.  We can even ship some frames which exceed 98 inches, but a oversize fee of $18.00 per box is assessed for each box required to ship by means of standard ground shipping.  All CHOP frames of 45" and longer will be subject to a $15 oversize charge. Frames 36 x 36 and larger may be shipped assembled through FedEx , UPS ( OS3 size minimum charge is $138 per box ) or by common carrier freight. We recommend you contact us for a quote specific to the size of the frames.  We are happy to provide quotes for these shipments on a order by order basis.
  3. How quickly can I receive my shipment. Most orders are shipped within 4 to 7 business days.  Hand finished mouldings make take longer base on the current demand. We will always ask when you need the order to so you meet any deadlines. We also offer air delivery and can give you a quote. Delivery times will vary according  to where you live in proximity to East Tennessee, i.e. West coast is 4 - 6 days delivery,  while most of the East coast is 2 - 3 days and Midwest, Southwest and Southern destinations will require between  2 - 4 days. We will do everything to meet your due date. 
  4. How do I calculate frame prices?
    We work from a per inch basis based on the inside frame size or art, mat or glass size.  This means that you calculate the size of the custom wood picture frame, then add the width and the height times 2.  For example, a 16" x 20" frame would be 36 x 2 = 72 inches.  Take this figure and then multiply it by the price per inch.  Measurements with fractions should be calculated by rounding to the next highest inch.  For example, 16 7/8" x 20 1/2" would be priced as a 17" x 21" frame. You can also use our price calculator and change the default size of 8 x 10 to any size you need and click calculate and every frame on the site will change to this size with corresponding price. 
  5. What is rabbet depth?
    This designated measurement tells us how much space we have for the artwork to be affixed in the frame. This area holds the glass, print, mat and backing. Another practical example is that most stretched canvases are 3/4 inch in depth.  Should you require the frame to fully accommodate this canvas, you would need a custom frame with a rabbet depth of 3/4 inch or more.
  6. Are the frames made of wood?
    We do not sell metal or poly frames.  Our mouldings all have a wood base with a wide variety of finishes. The ECO frames are on a MDF base with a wrap finish.
  7. Do we cut fractions?
    We cut fractions as small as 1/16 inch.
  8. How do we ship our packages?
    We utilize Fedex and UPS for ground shipments.  We also offer air shipments from both carriers. We also offer USPS priority mail when necessary or requested. Priority mail is quoted specific to each order.  Common carrier ( freight ) deliveries are available for larger shipments a quote provided. 
  9. How can I be sure that a frame color is what I need?
    We do encourage our customers to request samples when there may be a question about color or appearance.
  10. What is the cost of shipping?
    The minimum shipping charge is $17.00 within the continental U.S. and $52.00 outside the continental U.S.  Shipping cost is based on the dollar amount of the order. Any frame, plexi, mat or backing that is 20 x 30 or larger will be subject to a $18 oversize charge added to the base shipping. This additional charge is per box not per item. All frames 20 x 30 and larger assembled are subject to a $18 oversize charge added to the base shipping. This charge is per box not per frame. Any frames sent CHOP with one frame size of 45" or longer will be subject to a $15 oversize charge added to the base shipping. 
  11. Do you offer free samples?
    Yes, we do offer free samples (1" to 2" pieces) by request. We have a compete set for $45 and free shipping. The complete set is approximately 450 pieces. We offer plexi and mat samples too. If you order the complete set for $45.00 -- you will receive samples of all new mouldings we add by request.The complete set is in listed in the hardware section.
  12. Do I have to add for float space on floater frames?                                                                              If you are using a stair step floater shaped like the 2024 or 2023 your float space is bulit into the frame. You order the frame the same exact size as your canvas. If you order a " L " shaped floater like the 2034 or 2079 then you will need to add for the float space you prefer. You simply double the float space you prefer and add this to the canvas size and order the frame this size. For example if you have a 16 x 20 canvas and you want a 1/4" of float space you will add 1/2" to each dimension and order the frame at 16 1/2 x 20 1/2. 

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