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ECO Large High Gloss Smoke Black & Gray Woodgrain w/Curved Back Edge * Angled LipECO Large High Gloss Smoke Black & Gray Woodgrain w/Curved Back Edge * Angled Lip
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100 % Acid-Free Mats

If you're looking for conservation mats, Franken Frames proudly offers museum quality mats online. Crescent 100% acid free mats are made from cotton fibers and are recommended for matting original art, including paintings, etchings, lithographs or any other piece that requires conservation mats.

Follow the instructions below and place an order for your museum quality mats today.

Important Do's and Don'ts

Do use 1/8 inch as the smallest measuring unit.  Plan your sizes accordingly.  Avoid measuring in 1/16 inch units or smaller.

Don't use the picture border as the image size and expect the mat to fit precisely to the border -- it won't.  You must plan to overlap or leave white space around the image.

Mat Terms

The diagram shows a double mat with the parts identified.  The light blue is the top mat, the dark blue is the bottom mat.  The S, T, and B or the Side, Top, and Bottom widths of the bottom mat.



Double mat price is 2X the single mat price, triple mat price is 3X single mat price. 32"X40" is the largest mat we can ship.  Rag mats are 2X the regular mat price.    For mat sizes over 20"X30" there will be an additional charge added to the order.

See Price Chart  

Fraction Decimal
1/16" = 0.0625
1/8" = 0.125
3/16" = 0.1875
1/4" = 0.25
5/16" = 0.3125
3/8" = 0.375
7/16" = 0.4375
1/2" = 0.5
9/16" = 0.5625
5/8" = 0.625
11/16" = 0.6875
3/4" = 0.75
13/16" = 0.8125
7/8" = 0.875
15/16" = 0.9375

Please use decimals for all measurements. Use the chart to the right for reference. Only decimals 0.0625 (1/16) are valid.

Mat Order 
Bottom Mat / Single Mat  Color Chart
Mat Layout 
Image Width /  Opening  in. 
Image Height / Opening  in. 
Outside Mat Width W= in. This is your
Outside Mat Height H= in. frame size
Width of Top Border T=
Width of Side Borders S=
Width of Bottom Border B=
For Double Mat: (optional)
Second Mat    Color Chart
Recess R=
For Triple Mat: (optional)
Third Mat  Color Chart
Recess R=



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